About Twilight Theatre

Twilight Theatre is a group of enthusiastic individuals, who take part in White Wolf’s live-action role-playing game, “Mind’s Eye Theatre”. Unlike some LARPs, we tend to focus more on the “role-playing” aspect of the game, as opposed to the “gaming” aspect. (Role-playing versus ‘Roll-playing’) We don’t believe in (or even consider) “power-gaming”. For the most part we are a low key LARP, I personally feel that is a large reason this troupe and this story have been running uninterrupted for 20 years

Current Games Active:

Vampire: Iron Domain

Werewolf: New Beginings

To keep our game running in this manner, all prospective players actually get to “audition”. This entails playing a character at the next possible game. If the story-tellers and players  like what they see, the person is formally invited to join our troupe. (Please remind us if we have forgotten to contact you.) For the following 6 months you are considered probationary so if any Player has serious issue with you during that time  i.e. Them or me I will not attend game if they are there! We will defer to the established player. After that point it will be a Storyteller judgement.

While this may sound somewhat harsh, or perhaps even elitist, we have found that this allows us to hold more realistic and intriguing games. It also allows us to keep the people who are only interested in being a god-like character to a minimum. (Not to mention that it usually keeps out the individuals who really think they are vampires or werewolves or mages or faeries…) We are NOT an otherkin LARP.

Our major games are held on the third Saturday of every month. We ask our players to donate ten bucks or so to cover the costs of Rental, materials and props supplied by the Storytellers. Beyond that, Twilight Theatre is free.

Players are encouraged to continue the game between major meets, through any fashion. (Via e-mail, telephone, or face-to-face meetings.) But this is not a primary avenue of action and many effects will be delayed until the following game.

Sound interesting to you? GOOD!

If you would care for more information on our game, and how to join it, contact us!