Werewolf: New Beginnings

This is the Group for the Calgary Mind’s Eye Werewolf Larp. Set in Calgary, it shares a history with the Twilight Theatre Mind’s Eye Vampire LARP.

This looks at the Calgary from the Garou perspective, dealing with a number of themes dealing largely with the Cooperation between the two factions that have been in the world in the Age of Apocalypse on the forces of the Wyrn.

Currently the Game is on the first Saturday of the Month. Games will have a number of different aspects Politics, combat vs.monsters, and off course lots of role play.

Campaign: Modern Day
Location: Calgary and Surrounding Area
Head Storyteller and Player Liason: Richard Steele
Storyteller: Vacant
Setting Writer and Game Liason: Jason White
E-mail: werewolfnewbeginnings@gmail.com